Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Marketing can be very complex!  Especially when it relates to developing a company’s/brand’s logo.  Shapes (e.g., oval, squares, etc.), colors (e.g., red, blue, etc.) are all scrutinized by marketers to determine a logo that will resonate with their customers to create an emotional reaction.  Sometimes logo design can be simple.  

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Think about some of the great logos that resonate most for you that have been developed in the last twenty to thirty years – Apple, Starbucks, Nike, etc., to name a few.  How about one of the most popular logos in the history of marketing, Coca Cola?  Every time I sit in Washington Square Park and spot someone cradling a huge cup of Coke with their familiar logo, I think of how brilliant they have been.  Each cup is sublimely making an emotional connection with their consumers. 

Another brand logo that amazes me when I am out and about in Philadelphia is the Macy’s shopping bag with their familiar red star.  Every time I see one I am instantly reminded that I am sitting on several of their coupons enticing me to reduce their store’s inventory.  The red star dates back to the days Macy’s founder Rowland Hussey Macy at the age of fifteen worked on the Emily Morgan, a whaling ship.  He had a red star tattooed on his hand that eventually became the store’s logo when he opened the original Macy’s in 1851 in Massachusetts.  The recognizable red star is a classic example how logo design can also be simple.

Does your company’s/brand’s logo emotionally trigger a customer response?

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Latest Scoop on Poop

Poop goes DNA.

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Last August I first posted about the growing global problem of dog waste eradication.  I detailed how the mayor of a suburb in Madrid, Spain developed an innovative solution to get dog owners to responsibly clean up after their pets.  Now the Vice Mayor in Naples, Italy has developed an innovative solution that employs both science and technology.  Each dog will be given a blood test for DNA which will be kept on file in a data base.  When a pile of poop is spotted, it will be scraped up for DNA testing and then cross referenced with the data base.  If a match is made, owners will be fined as much as 500 euros (approximately $685). 

The program which is still in its infancy has its fair share of critics because the city of Naples is riddled in debt ($2 billion).  Some officials/residents believe the money should be spent on the city’s infrastructure versus the costs associated with police and health workers dog waste patrols.  The other major hurdle for Naples is the city’s canine population is estimated at 80,000 dogs. 

Are you and your dog law abiding citizens?

Friday, March 7, 2014

Corn Flakes

Back on this day in 1897, Dr. John Kellogg served corn flakes for the first time to his patients at his hospital in Battle Creek, Michigan.  Corn flakes first became commercially available in 1906.

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By the numbers, the annual consumption (eating occasions) per capita of ready-to-eat cereals in 2013 was 98.1, the lowest it has been since 2006.  Regardless, RTE cereals are still a growing category and America’s number one breakfast food.  According to latest Euromonitor International report on breakfast cereals in the US, retail sales are projected to grow at a modest 3% overall and reach $11.7 billion by 2018.  However, NPD points out that despite 71 percent of consumers eating cereal in a two week period, the frequency has changed.  People don’t have it every day thanks to the growth of breakfast alternatives which I addressed in my recent post titled Fastbreak – nutritional bars, handheld sandwiches, yogurt, etc.  The leading companies in breakfast cereals are now even marketing drinkable cereals (a.k.a breakfast shakes).  Makes sense given that most people no longer have time to sit down and enjoy a bowl of cereal while they read the package’s back panel.  

Time out!  Enjoy an old fashion bowl of corn flakes this weekend.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Geek or Chic?

Has this become a familiar sight?  People walking down the street holding their smartphone in one hand waiting for their next nanosecond of connectivity?  Fashion Alert: Wearable technology is gearing up to filter into our daily lives.  Are you ready to make your wearable technology fashion statement? 

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The wearable technology item that is getting the most buzz is Google Glass, a wearable computer with OHMD.  Now doesn’t OHMD which stands for optical head-mounted display sound geeky?  Google Glass enables the user to view and communicate information via the Internet like a smartphone, hands free.  It was released last year to a few thousand Glass Advocates better known as “Explorers” for testing, before it will be launched to the general public.

For physical fitness enthusiasts, a startup company out of Canada (Athos) will be introducing this summer form-fitting long-sleeve shirts and workout pants complete with EMG sensors to track muscle activity.  A workout will monitor up to 22 muscle groups on a wearable module that will then crunch the data and send it wirelessly to a special smartphone app.  Or better yet, to the app on your designer smartwatch!  Other companies are now marketing sports bras and socks complete with sensors.  Some people might choose to bypass buying sensor imbedded gym wear and invest in an activity tracker to wear on their wrists which will monitor their heart rate throughout the day with app-based checkups.

I am aware most people are struggling to achieve work-life balance in our 24/7 technology laden world.  Especially those with young children!  Now you can outfit your children with interactive pajamas.  Chose a story on their pj’s, then scan the code on your smartphone and share a bed time story. 

Fashion is going digital!   

Are you geek or chic?