Thursday, December 23, 2010


Thks is the new thank you. Think about the number of characters or all the nanoseconds people save by not typing in the an and replacing the you with a s. What do people do with all the nanoseconds they save using online, real time jargon?

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Question: If one nanosecond (ns) is one billionth of a second or as one second is to 31.7 years, then how many nanoseconds does a 24/7 individual experience? Answer: A lifetime.

We now live in a fast paced, high speed internet, wireless mobile, text messaging, instant foods (just add hot water), VIA™ society. Technology has driven our culture to the nanosecond. The smartphone you bought last week is already out moded. What you learned yesterday on the Going Mobile 2011 webinar is obsolete. Forget about the great app idea you conceived this morning while showering, someone has already beaten you to market. Remember: Don’t blink or you will miss it. Every nanosecond counts!

Thks 4 reading my post GTG in a ns need my #Starbucks MCAAHNY

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

National Regifting Day

Ever wonder how you can get rid of the hideous set of Atlantic City placemats your in-laws gave you? How about what to do with the three extra copies of Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point that thoughtful friends gave you? No worries – tomorrow is National Regifting Day.

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Alright I recognize that some of you people reading this blog are saying to yourself, how crass, how tacky; while others are cracking a smile having regifted or been recipients of a regift. If you think regifting is in bad taste, then I suggest you think about Jacqueline Onassis who was a very classy woman. I once read that back in 1971 she regifted a watch her first husband JFK received from a socialite to her second husband Aristotle Onassis. The watch later auctioned for $150,000. Imagine Onassis’s original reaction when he received the gift – “just what I need another #!!*%$@ watch.”

Let me share two other reasons regifting makes sense. First, you can get a jump start on cutting holiday expenses. Second, you can now claim to be a committed environmentalist resolute in helping save our planet since regifting is technically a form of recycling.

For those reading this blog, I hope I have provided some insight and a suggestion of how to finally get rid of those reindeer slippers you have never worn. Let us all celebrate National Regifting Day.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Bottom-line social media is social interaction enhanced by web-based technologies. Furthermore, social media facilities buzz marketing. Hundreds of years ago, the first evidence of buzz marketing was people who were paid to stand up at designated passages of the opera to applaud/yell “Bravo!” These people were known as a claque.

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I learned this tidbit of information in a great book, Harness the Power of Influence and Create Demand written by Marian Salzman, Ira Matathia and Ann O’Reilly. By means of anecdotes and case studies, the authors explored the subject of buzz marketing, a topic about which I am extremely passionate. P.T. Barnum was a pioneer of buzz marketing. Ford Motor Company was an early adopter of buzz marketing when they introduced the Mustang back in 1964; first at the New York World’s Fair and then by providing free cars to select BMOC (Big Men On Campuses – jocks, DJs, etc.). Fast forward to the digital world of 2010, buzz marketing movements are being executed daily, thanks to the advent of social media platforms.

This past weekend I needed to take a break from my digital cocoon and decided to go see
Waste Land ( a documentary for the second time. That is correct, a second time. The film follows contemporary artist Vik Muniz's journey back to his native Brazil for a good deeds art project. He recreated out of garbage, photographic images of catadores (people that work picking out recyclable materials at Jardim Gramacho, the world’s largest garbage dump). He then sold his art and gave all the proceeds back to the catadores for equipment and education. Before entering the theater, I slyly suggested to my Mother that we were going to test being a claque and applaud at the end of the film. I am proud to report, we were a successful claque. More importantly, by writing this blog, I hope to further spread the buzz about Vik Muniz, artist, social activist who continues giving back to the impoverished people of Brazil.