Friday, January 15, 2016

The Popcorn Pinch Point

Have you seen Star Wars yet?  More importantly if you did catch the film, were you able to endure the popcorn lines?  You could have saved a whole bunch of nanoseconds with your new popcorn app. 

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In 2015 I wrote about Chill’s rolling out their NoWait app.  Their guests will be able to check out availability/wait time to be seated thus minimize the time they spend waiting in line.  Consequently, I was not surprised to learn two major multiplex theater chains, AMC Theatres and Regal Entertainment are going to utilize similar technology so their customers will now avoid the “popcorn pinch point.”  Moviegoers can preorder/prepay food and beverages from their smartphones.  The multiplex chains are banking on the reduction of time customers spend in line will result in increased concession sales.  For the record: 50 percent of ticket sales are returned to the studios. Concession sales from approximately two-thirds of the moviegoers that actually purchase food and beverages account for profit margins of 85 percent or higher.

Why not download your popcorn app today and avoid concession stand gridlock the next time you go to a multiplex theater?

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