Thursday, January 21, 2016

Consumer Mosaic

Viewed an Expedia ad while watching the Australian Open.  Shows a man and his cute little kid in a tiger outfit going on holiday.  No woman.  Should I assume the man is a single dad?  A good example of how marketers are connecting with the current consumer mosaic. 

Read On:
I first read about the consumer mosaic back in November, 2015.  Denise Morrison, CEO of the Campbell Soup Company, advocated that the portrait of the current U.S. Household is changing.  Consequently, she believes that advertising movements should be customized accordingly to better connect with consumers.  Some primary examples of the consumer mosaic are multicultural homes predominately Latino, Asian and African America; single parent households, L.B.G.T. (e.g., same sex households); adult-only households (with or without pets).  Campbell Soup’s “Made for Real, Real Life” TV campaign is a forerunner how marketing movements need to morph and think beyond just targeting demographics (a.k.a. buckets).    
Is your marketing department working on connecting with the new consumer mosaic?

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