Friday, December 18, 2015

Social Brands

We are about to experience the week before Christmas 2015.  Three retail brands are dominating social media conversations and engagement.  Surprise: According to one source, Walmart, Target and Amazon did not make the top three. 

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Shareablee, a social insights company released their holiday season social scorecard.  Their rankings are based on an analysis of shares, comments, retweets and reblogs on major platforms – Instagram, Facebook,Twitter and YouTube.  Despite a drop in Black Friday posts, there was a 26% increase in engagement and a 170% increase in actions.  However, the debate continues whether social engagement actually translates into sales.  We will have to wait until after the holidays when sales data will be published.

The three top social brands in order: Nordstrom, Macy’s and Sephora.  

Did you socially engage with a popular retail brand this past month?


  1. Perhaps you have to be a girl. I haven't seen anything by any of these brands on social media. And I LIVE on these platforms. I'm sure your right, but it hasn't affected me... Happy Holidays!

  2. Here's the thing about those brands, their value goes WAY beyond social media. They are solid brands with great experiences overall (Macy's can be argued). So naturally a great brand experience with enthusiastic customers makes for a great social media connection. And yes Tom, you probably have to be a chick :)

  3. Sephora is a great store : they give sound advice and never pressure one to buy the costliest item; their social media contacts do not influence me, it's value and service . Macy's offers great coupons but the shopping experience remains unpleasant especially for higher end items