Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Yesterday I was online researching how I can pull off a freebie with my accumulated points.  I am ready for a quick winter break to Phoenix.  Unfortunately I am 3,200 points short, thus I think I will reach out to Liu Yiqian this week for the difference.   

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Who is Liu Yiqian?  He is another one of the legendary rags to riches Chinese billionaires.  He started modestly as a taxi driver and is now chairman of the Sunline Group whose interests include chemicals, real estate development and a financial unit.  Liu Yiqian also has several personal investments.  Accordingly Forbes estimates his assets in 2015 totaled $1.22 billion.

So why have I decided to contact Mr. Liu?  Mr. Liu is an art aficionado and is responsible for building two world class art museums – Long Museum Pudong and Long Museum West Bund, both located in Shangai.  Back on November 9th he bought the famous Modigliani nude “Nu Couch√©” for $170.4 million, the second-highest price ever paid for a piece of art at an auction.  Mr. Liu indicated he wants to bring the masterpiece back to China for the Chinese people to enjoy.  He said: “I have no plans to sell the painting.”  However, on a personal note, Mr. Liu indicated that he is purchasing the painting with his American Express card so with the points he will accrue his entire family can continue flying for free.  I am confident Mr. Liu can spare 3,200 points.

What have you purchased this year with your accumulated points?   


  1. That's crazy! I find it so amusing that even someone who has that much money still cares about getting something for nothing. I feel better about caring about my points so much now. : ) I am $2,000.00 away from having enough points to bump us up to first class next year when we visit Dublin. That's my incentive!

    PS - I hope you get to Arizona!

  2. First class round trip to Reno for me. First class round trip for my newlywed son and his bride to Cancun for their honeymoon! Woot Woot!!