Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Paper Dinosaurs

Last week I received Sherry Lehmann’s holiday wine catalogue.  I am in their data base ever since I gifted a family member in New York City.  By law, Sherry Lehmann cannot ship to Pennsylvania.  Given I am an advocate of digital marketing, are catalogues paper dinosaurs?

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Being a wine connoisseur, I cannot pick on Sherry Lehmann.  From the time when I made my first online sale from them, I am constantly blasted with their emails and latest specials.  Their emails are not personalized which is a sign they are not utilizing the latest marketing automation technologies.  If they were, they would have a mailing address capture in their data base for all the people living in Pennsylvania and the other nine states to where they cannot ship by law.  Consequently, they would be able to kick out of their system the need to mail their catalogue, thus save a considerable expense.     

Once again, I challenge another company from whom I received a catalogue which I first wrote about back in August, 2014 in a post titled Marketing Waste.  This company specializes in shipping supplies with over 30,000 products printed in a catalogue of over 600 pages!  The dinosaur in the room is ULINE.  I have never purchased a product from ULINE, but every year I receive their enormous catalog.  And every year, I march it down to the trash room in the basement of my building.  A prime example of marketing waste!  Marketers need to rethink how best they are going to reach their existing and future customers.  Right now, marketing automation technologies provide cost effective solutions.

Maybe next year I will recycle my ULINE catalogue and regift it to a business associate.    

Are marketing catalogues paper dinosaurs?



  1. Actually, if you do ever order from Uline, you will get a catalog each and every time, and then more frequent mailings. We've now had them tag our profile to not send them out, but occasionally one slips through.

  2. I think catalogs work well in integrated communications but agree there is waste. Like ULINE, Rector and I get the Restoration Hardware annual catalogs that come via UPS in a huge box. I've never ordered and those go to recycle. Now THAT is a waste too.
    Happy Holidays.