Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Customization has become a driving guest feature among restaurateurs in the foodservice business.  Chipotle was an innovative pioneer with their menu followed by gourmet burger chains and now McDonald’s (Create Your Taste® kiosks).  More industries are adapting to customization.  Now fashion has jumped on the bandwagon.   
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One fashion brand I follow and write about is Burberry.  Once again they are demonstrating they are smart marketers by offering their consumers its new scarf bar.  Accessed/ordered online for delivery or in-store pickup, consumers are offered a wide selection of scarves (100 plus colors; classic or lightweight cashmere).  For an additional $75 they will monogram your scarf for that personalized (a.k.a. customization) experience. 

Are you ready to customize your brand?

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  1. When shopping for my daughter i noticed that there are personalization sites all over the internet. didnt know about burberry. Customization is in demand, that is for sure. And we want it right away - McDonald's get's this - exciting times for them!