Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Millennial BetaBlazers

Marketing to Millennials continues to be the “Buzz du Jour.”  I have posted numerous articles about Millennials; marketers are categorizing this demographic group into buckets so they can better understand what motivates their buying behavior.  The latest bucket that piques my interest: Millennial BetaBlazers

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The Boston Consulting Group, back in 2012, released a study that revealed not all Millennials are the same – “slackers and entitled.”  They defined six buckets.  Recently, global media agency Carat released their survey findings based on 14 thousand Millennials age 15-to-34.  Their conclusion: Once you dig below the available digital cookie level data, the “hyper-connected, digital extroverts” bucket known as “Trend-Netters” only applies to 42 percent (36 million) of Millennials.  When they drilled down further and examined attitudinal/behavior data, they discovered some new buckets.

So who are the true Millennial trendsetters?  Meet the BetaBlazers!  They (16% of all Millennials) operate outside the box.  Very worldly thanks to travel and aggregating information from numerous resources.  Consequently they are more adventurous, risk takers compared to their peers.  They do not always subscribe to popular brands, but connect with those that tell a story and meet their needs.  Quality and exclusivity are important purchasing triggers.

Do you know any Millennial BetaBlazers?  Better yet, do you have to be a Millennial to be a BetaBlazer!   

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