Wednesday, July 8, 2015

In Your Face

In June I posted Heineken’s utilization of MTP (Multiple Touch Points) to reach their target community.  Today I would like to share another MTP initiative, Amazon Treasure Trucks.  
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Amazon recently announced it will be launching its Treasure Truck concept in Seattle.  The truck is decorated to look like an Amazon package complete with their logo.  Each day they will be offering a deal via their mobile app for one item only.  Customers can purchase the item and choose a time to pick it up at a pre-determined location.  Some customers can also take a chance and walk up to the truck to buy the item on the spot if available.  Smart marketing!  However, the Treasure Truck also builds brand awareness via a subtle tactic I call “In Your Face.”  Think about the number of consumers who will be driving in a target market that spot the truck and will be reminded to shop on Amazon even if they are not capitalizing on Amazon’s daily deal.  Is this a new marketing tactic?  Not really.  Remember the “Weinermobile” Oscar Meyer created back in 1936.

“In Your Face” marketing energizes brand awareness.  Just ask Red Bull!

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  1. It is surprising to me how few companies with their own truck fleets don't take advantage of their mobile billboards. That's also... in your face marketing.