Friday, June 12, 2015


Have you been watching the NBA finals that are knotted at two games apiece? King James (a.k.a. LeBron James) is putting on a show.  As a result, this is a peak time for LeBrononomics.
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In addition to LeBron James being the best basketball player on the planet right now, numbers also indicate he is the NBA’s second leading shoe salesman with Nike having sold $340 million worth of James’s shoes in the 12-month period ending January 2015 – a 13% increase from the prior year.  That amount nearly doubles his closest current rival Kevin Durrant.  Overall his estimated earnings off the court from his endorsements are $44 million.  Imagine what the numbers will soar to should his team wins the finals.  As I stated in the above blink, this is a peak time for LeBrononomics.

Can you name the NBA’s number one shoe salesman?


  1. Michael Jordan? Maybe in units, as it would be in '90s dollars.