Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Food Waste – An Update

Previously I have posted about Food Waste in America.  Approximately 40% of all food grown, processed and transported per year, worth an estimated $165 billion is wasted (source: National Defense Council – 2012).  Alert!  A new food waste stat.    
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Statistics, like those I shared above, lend credibility to illustrate a correlation for an existing reality.  However, sometimes it is best to simplify the statistic to make it more relevant.  Here is another way to demonstrate Food Waste in America:

The median American household earns just less than $1,000 per week.  The typical American family throws away $1,600 worth of food per year.

How much food has your household wasted this year?


  1. You are right on Jimmy. If anyone is interested in further information on food waste, I'd like to direct you to a recent paper that I co-authored on a related subject; Date labeling of food. It can be found at . William Fisher, IFT

  2. I'm always amazed the nightly news regularly reports our outrage when oil prices go up a few cents. Yet food waste has nearly the same impact on the average household budget — let alone the environmental impact.

    Maybe somebody needs to come up with a Food Waste Index chart that can follow each time gas prices are reported.