Tuesday, April 28, 2015

NoWait/No Connections?

Chili’s Grill & Bar has selected NoWait mobile network to help their guests minimize waiting time in line.  According to their technology spokesperson, “we are always looking to enhance the guest experience both inside and outside our restaurants.”  Will all the new mobile technology really enhance our restaurant experiences?

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Chili’s new NoWait app feature will rollout nationwide this summer.  It will enable its guests to check out availability/wait time to be seated at their local locations so they can punctually (?) show up for their scheduled table.  “We are putting convenience and speed at our guests’ fingertips before they even walk through our doors.” 

Their new app feature makes me think about two things: A.) What will people actually do with all the wait time nanoseconds they save; and B.) What did we do before mobile restaurant apps?  Personally, if a table was not available, I would head straight to the bar and have a libation or two.  As a result, over the years I engaged with people.  Sometimes I either made new friends or resourceful business connections which added to my overall restaurant experience.  Consequently, without apps, when it came to dining out, I got by just the same.

NoWait/no connections?  Why the rush?  You might miss an opportunity.

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  1. Yes, we're a society that often invents solutions looking for problems. We seem to go through cycles where the balance between "high tech" and "high touch" get skewed. I fear we're in a tech bubble once again that's about to burst. Great post, Jimmy.