Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Sommeliers Go Yachting

Club Med was the forerunner of exotic vacations.  Exotic travel has now advanced into everything from trips to the Galápagos Islands, B&B treehouses in rainforests, package deals to an indoor ski resort (Ski Dubai), personal health & wellness retreats, etc.  What is next?  
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My query: What is driving the increasing demand for exotic vacations?  Extra disposable income?  The driving need to unplug?  “Show & Tell” – look at me; can you top this? 

Top this!  Cruise from Puerto Rico to Spain and experience a 12-day wine education program conducted by the SeaDream Yacht Club.  Program participants receive two daily lectures about wines from all over the world, complete with tastings (more than 100 varietals) and dinners.  The package deal also includes visiting a winery in Madeira at the completion of your voyage.  Other cruise lines are now beginning to offer similar packages (e.g., Cunard).      

Is this the ultimate exotic vacation?  More importantly, are you ready to escape and become a sommelier yachtsperson?  

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