Friday, February 13, 2015

Perseverance: A Great Story!

Perseverance is all about being steadfast, persisting in an endeavor in spite of opposition, discouragement.  Congratulations to Victor Estrella Burgos for personifying  the value of perseverance last Sunday. 

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Who is Victor Estrella Burgos?  He is Dominican Republic’s Athlete of the Year, a tennis player in a country (population of 10.4 million) known for producing great baseball players.  On Sunday he won his first ATP World Singles Title in a tournament held in Ecuador. What made it truly remarkable?  Victor is 34, thus he became the oldest first time titlist in the history of Open Era Tennis. 

At age 26 (in 2006) he came back to the sport after dropping out.  During the 2012 Davis Cup he seriously injured his elbow.  Regardless, he continued to chase his dream of cracking the top 100 and ended up becoming the oldest player in history of the sport to debut last year in the U.S. Open.  In addition to collecting a nice paycheck Sunday, Victor is now ranked number 52 in the world.  Imagine being the 52nd best of your profession in the world.  Go Victor!   

Perseverance and great stories!  That’s life! 

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