Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Creative Brew

When you drink too much beer in an evening, you:

1.)   Consume too many calories ___
2.)   Lose all your inhibitions ___
3.)   Act stupid ___
4.)   Get drunk ___
5.)   All of the above ___

When you drink the India Pale Ale brewed by the Rocket Brewing Company, you?

Read On:
Beer research (fun job!) has indicated that creative thinking peaks at an alcohol level of 0.075.  CP&B Copenhagen (an advertising agency) has partnered with Rocket Brewing Company to market Problem Solver, an India Pale Ale that helps its drinkers if they drink the right amount, reach their creative peak.  Their marketing movement has been crafted to include sponsoring brainstorming session utilizing Problem Solver to solve community issues. 

Hopefully Rocket Brewing Company will send a few cases of Problem Solver to the next G7 summit to be held in Bavaria, Germany June 7-8.  The approval of the host country will be needed.


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  2. How does one become a test subject?

  3. So the advice attributed to Hemingway, "Write drunk, edit sober" should really be "Write ever so slightly drunk"?

    The science of efficiency is taking some of the fun out of life.

  4. I resemble the remarks in this blog post!

  5. I am going to be voted the best facilitator EVER at my next product innovation meeting! Thanks for the idea, Jimmy.

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