Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2015: Step Forward!

January 6th: Sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions – possibly more of the same old, same old?  Classic examples: Plan to lose weight, thus exercise more; plan to stop smoking; plan to carve out more time with my family; etc., etc., etc.  How can you step forward in 2015?

Read On:
Last year I challenged everyone to re-examine their focus (detailed below).   

Forgo unnecessary commitments/activities (a.k.a. over scheduling).
Congressing (Urban Dictionary): Avoid being unproductive despite having a lot to do.
Savor your private time.

This year I challenge you to start thinking about how to step forward in 2015.  Begin by asking yourself three significant questions:

·         What do you plan to do differently at work? 

·         What do you plan to change at home?

·         What contributions are you going to make to your community?

Are you ready to try something different in 2015 or are you going to do more of the same old, same old?  Its 2015: Step Forward!


  1. Happy New Year! Off to a great start... cleaned my office last weekend and can see my floor and desk at the same time again! Committing to reading more books this year. Finished one and started a new one already. And back to my power walks for health and clear-headedness. Let's make it a great 2015!

  2. Happy 2015! Thanks for the challenge, it is time to step forward this New Year! Plan to practice FOUCS this upcoming year