Monday, December 1, 2014

Holiday Unplugged

Did you dare to unplug this past Thanksgiving holiday weekend?
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Admittedly it is getting more and more difficult in today’s wired, over-connected world to unplug – a few hours, days or even for one whole week.  Some experts call it going offline, experiencing a digital detox, spiritually rebooting.  A quick Google search revealed there are some great retreats that offer an escape of this nature – Coco Blanco (an island off of Panama), the Tassajara Zen Mountain Center in Carmel California, sailing on the Maine Schooner Stephen Tabor in Penobscot Bay, etc.  All these options sound:

1.) Restful ___
2.) Exclusive ___
3.) Expensive ___
4.) All of the above ___

One budget holiday unplugged I read about recently was on Hilton Head Island.  The package now available through February being marketed by Westin is called “Unplug Hilton Head.”  In addition to checking all your electronic gizmos at the front desk, they ask for your car keys.  The resort encourages their guests to experience the South Carolina Low Country by foot or on a complimentary bicycle. 

Personally a one week digital detox complete with some Low Country bird watching and some Frogmore stew sounds very appealing right now as I close out 2014. 

I challenge you to unplug this holiday season.


  1. Two ways I am thinking about this phenomenon: 1. spending exorbitant amounts of money, planning vacations around, giving unplugging any consideration at all wouldn't have been a part of the human thought process, even a few years ago - uggh 2. I actually ENJOY spending off-time with my devices, whiling away hours watching videos, reading tweets and texting. uggh again! but ... this second thought will save me lots of money in extravagant vacations because I can get away very simply - just me, myself and my iphone :-)

  2. Enjoy your unplugged break Jimmy. I might even unplug myself for a day or two between Xmas and NY. All the best for 2015.