Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Buried Alive

Yesterday I went downstairs to ask my doorman José a question.  I could not find him.  José was buried under an avalanche of delivered packages at the front desk.  2014 online holiday shopping is already on the march to break some new records.   
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Forrester Research released earlier this week that they project U.S. online sales will reach $89 billion in November and December.  That represents a 13 percent increase versus last year, an estimated increase of $10 billion in absolute dollars.  Note: These figures for the two months will represent 30 percent of all 2014 eCommerce spending, but also have been adjusted for a shorter holiday selling season and delivery capacity constraints.  

Good news for FedEx and UPS route drivers, branded Retailers that have beefed up their online marketing movements, etc., etc. etc.  Bad news for the restaurant industry if people are not going out to brick & mortar to shop, thus stopping at their favorite restaurants for a bite to eat or drinks.

Happy online shopping!

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