Friday, November 21, 2014

Black Apps

Fact: On average people use 26.8 apps per month for a total of 30 hours and 15 minutes (Nielsen).  Black Friday is one week away.  According to data from Verizon there is a high demand for even more apps to make shopping easier – best deals, shorter lines, etc., etc., etc.
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By the numbers, last year McKinsey & Company estimated 44 percent of shoppers used a smartphone to make shopping on Black Friday easier.  Now according to new data from Verizon, more consumers want Black Friday apps.  They reported earlier this week that 80% of those surveyed want to know where to get the best deal; 78% indicated they would benefit from knowing what stores have the shortest lines.  Consequently, retailers/brands are going to have to implement dynamic pricing (real time) policies thanks to mobile’s role in influencing shoppers on the move.  Walmart, the world’s largest retailer already announced that it will match Amazon prices at all its U.S. locations (approximately 5,000 stores).   

Black apps will save you nanoseconds and $$$ next Friday!

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