Thursday, October 9, 2014

Wine by Gender

Approximately how many glasses of wine does one acre of grapes yield?                                                                                                                                  
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Answer: On average, 15,000 glasses.

According to the consumer market company Canadean, in 2013, U.S consumers spent $21.2 billion on wine.  Women accounted for 59 percent of consumption by volume.  Their research also revealed that women drink wine to relax and seek value; men tend to be wine buffs seeking more high quality wines – new drink experiences.  Some more interesting Canadean wine stats:
·         Woman accounted for more than $6.7 billion in 2014 total wine sales.

·         Even though men consumed less wine, they tend to spend more on quality products; $1.8 billion in their search for quality versus $1.0 billion for women.  

·         The market research firm indicated that men are also driven to find products that offer new experiences thus fueling $2.4 billion of their consumption compared to $2.2 billion of female consumption.

A spokesperson for Canadean put it best: “Women are looking for wine to accompany conversations while they unwind with friends.  For men, wine is the conversation.”

Gender equality: I’ll drink to that!


  1. I love the insight here and I think it applies to more than wine. I see the same in clothing (more that is trendy and less expensive for most women and fewer but higher end togs for men). With regard to dining out, tho, I think it is the opposite is true. I see lots of men satisfied with a good burger while women opt for a slightly more costly but healthier salad or fish entrée. Agree or disagree?

  2. Excellent observations Jan.