Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Social Marathon

Are you still a social media naysayer or are you finally on board?  The 2014 Global Social CEO Survey conducted by Brandfog clearly indicates that a large percentage of CEOs now understand the benefit of being social.  At last, they recognize they are now participating in a social marathon.
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According to Brandfog nearly three-fourths of senior executives in the U.S. believe that social media provides great tools to communicate their company’s core mission and brand values.  Consequently their companies are more trustworthy than those who don’t adopt social media.  The survey also indicated that 82 percent of senior leaders think executive use of social media raises brand awareness and helps establish industry leadership.

Great news!  CEOs that now embrace social media have taken the first step towards social enterprise.  Now they have to learn that they are participating in a social marathon.  They must train themselves as Hayes Drumwright, the founder and CEO of Trace3 a leading IT Systems Integration company advocates; recognize the difference between “social noise” and “actionable social.”  “Social noise” is the vast amount of online data and content.  “Actionable social” is the useful information that can be acted upon to improve business results. 

My company believes that the starting gate as it relates to identifying “actionable social” is to train and provide the resources for your employees to become knowledge workers that exhibit “social smarts.”  As a result, over time, like running a marathon, your people will improve their overall communication skills, collaborate (internally and externally), make better decisions and innovate. 

Time to train for the social marathon!


  1. Great stuff... a "marathon" is the perfect metaphor. A marathon with hills, valleys and blind curves.

  2. Social/digital is critical - this is more apparent to me everyday. We have started to put our toes in the water and would like to jump in up to our necks by Q1 2015. I will reach out to you for more help for our team. Your initial work with us is paying off.