Thursday, October 30, 2014

Heavenly Sendoffs

Last week I posted Cat Bowls detailing how the premium pet food business is skyrocketing.  Speaking of skyrocketing, how about pet owners memorializing their deceased friends with Heavenly Sendoffs!
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You read the Blink correctly.  Celestis, a Houston based aerospace company that launches a portion of the cremated remains of your departed love one into space, has now created Celestis Pets.  Aimed at pet owners, they will send 1g of the cremated remains or a lock of your pet’s hair off into space in a long-lasting engraved capsule.  Their service offers four different packages starting at $995 and going upwards to $12,500 for the Voyager – the capsule will be placed on a scientific deep space mission where it will float through space indefinitely. 

Pets in heaven!


  1. What if your pet is a goldfish or a turtle? This could get very complicated for Celestis Pets.


  2. Wow... to me that's really a sad commentary on how self-consumed our society has become. I'm all for people spending their money however they wish, but imagine how much good $12,5000 could do if donated to Feed the Children, Samaritan's Purse or Doctors Without Borders.