Thursday, August 7, 2014

Networking Terroir

I often refer to my network (a.k.a. “social capital”) as my vineyard drawing similarities to wine making.  The key to a great vineyard is terroir which describes its unique characteristics – soil, topography and climate.  Do you know the key characteristics of networking terroir?                                                                                                  
Read On:

·         Medium (Soil) – Great networkers understand there are multiple touch points when it comes to building their community.  They understand they need to be equally adept at working all the new collaborative tools of Web 2.0, as well as working the room at an event.  Online and offline mediums.

·         Community (Topography) – Understand the audience you are trying to reach, thus map out (set objectives) of how best you are going to make connections that will strengthen your community long-term.  Quality vs. quantity.

·         Business Cycles (Climate) – All industries have business cycles.  Conferences/trade shows always are scheduled annually.  Slow periods are inevitable like the summer or the last few weeks of December.  Plan accordingly.

Do you understand networking terroir?  If so, are you ready to cultivate a vintage network?


  1. Perfect, Jimmy...but how many will actually get it? Networking is not a solitary takes a village.

  2. A wise person once told me (that would be you Jimmy :) ) not to take your eye off networking during busy times because you'll need it during the off times. Golly you were right! Keep that pipeline flowing.

  3. Love the metaphor! I'll think about this over a glass of Merlot tonight (maybe two glasses).

    And "social capital" is the perfect term. It truly takes a big investment to keep things growing. Thanks for the reminder as I gin up the energy after a long day to reach out to just a few more people.