Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Marketing Waste

Last month I posted about Food Waste in America.  Today I want to address marketing waste.                                                                                               
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Recently I received in the mail, a 626 page catalogue from a company specializing in shipping supplies addressed to the Manager Shipping Dept. SMARTKETING, Inc.  626 pages! 

I am an advocate of Social Enterprise currently advising numerous companies:

1.)   The benefits of the new collaborative tools of Web 2.0 are to implement digital marketing movements and connect with their existing/potential customers.

2.)   Utilizing marketing automation software to target buyers at select times in their purchasing journey.

3.)   I operate electronically out of my home/office here in Philadelphia.  I cannot even remember the last time I printed out a report and sent it out via an overnight service.

This catalogue further validated to me how much marketing waste continues in the business world today thanks to companies still not adapting to all the new marketing touch points, still settling for the status quo (a.k.a. same old/same old).  Yes, I do understand the benefits of some product catalogues (e.g., Macy’s) as a means to cover all touch points (non-tech savvy customers).  However, if I ever needed to ship anything, I would get online and find a local service provider.  Think about the costs associated/wasted with putting together a 626 page catalogue (photography, copy/editing, printing, distribution, etc.).  Think about how off base this company was targeting my company without even qualifying what my company is all about.  Better yet, think about deforestation?

Marketing folks!  Stop wasting your marketing dollars! 

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