Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Cocktails on Demand

“Before apps, when there were attention spans, before I’ve got five bars, when bars were for boozing, we got by just the same.”  Roger Cohen (Journalist)                                                                                            
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The above quote is an excerpt from a classic Roger Cohen op-ed titled Change or Perish.  I thought about it this past weekend when I read about the new Onthebar mobile app which connects bartenders with their guests in Boston.  It will soon be expanding into the Big Apple next month.  Onthebar was designed to make peoples’ bar hopping experiences better by allowing them to connect directly with bartenders, as well as learn about drink specials, reviews, etc.  In Boston, the app is being utilized by bar personnel in more than 1,000 locations; 75 of which have taken it a step further by utilizing iBeacon technology.  Eventually Onthebar seeks to generate revenue by connecting wine and spirits companies with their consumers, as well as bartenders to build awareness to advertise their brands.

Today’s query: What is the upper limit to the number of apps people will utilize?  According to a recent Nielson study (Q4 2013), mobile owners used 26.8 apps an average of 30 hours, 15 minutes per month.  That represents a full half day more than the 18 hours, 18 minutes users spent back in Q4 2011.  No surprise, the number of apps and time usage varies by age group led by 18 to 24 year olds who use on average 28 mobile applications a total of 37:06 (HH:MM) compared to 22 mobile applications a total of 21:21 (HH:MM) per month for mobile owners 55 plus.

I think the Onthebar app is clever.  Potentially a great way to connect with a bar tender that shakes the perfect martini.  However, even though I have slowed down in the amount of time I bar hop these days, thanks to experimentation, I have connected with some great martini makers here in Philadelphia.

When Onthebar comes to your area, will you download the mobile app for cocktails on demand or will you get by just the same? 


  1. Ah Ha, Jimmy! You are a Bond (James Bond) aficionado. Martinis shaken, not stirred.

  2. Great article, Jimmy. Hope this app hits the D.C area soon!

  3. Hey Jim, Nice article. I just don't feel a need for this app. Hard to screw up a vodka on the rox. Although I'm sure the spirit manufacturers would like to get hold of me.