Wednesday, June 25, 2014


“Do not go where the path may lead: go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”     – Ralph Waldo Emerson 
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Last week I attended FARE 2014 in Dallas.  A great conference!  The keynote speakers were motivational, the educational sessions informative, plenty of quality networking breaks, etc.  I was even afforded the opportunity to moderate a breakfast table discussion on one of my favorite topics – Social Marketing. 

My key conference takeaway:  People are still confused where the new collaborative world of Web 2.0 is heading.  The majority of the people whom I interacted with throughout the conference expressed their struggle to grasp the changes that were taking place.  No surprise!  The more I read as I shared in my last post Collaborate?, innovation, change, etc. is not happening to a large degree.  Corporations are finding it difficult to adapt.

This much I do know:  Social media is a small piece of the pie.  Social media is all about the tools people are using to engage/collaborate with one another.  Social Enterprise is the whole pie.  Once again, I would like to summarize the four pillars of social enterprise as I detailed in my post one year ago titled Social Enterprise Smarts = Profitability Plu$:

·         Knowledge Workers – Employees with “social smarts.”

·         Social CRM (Customer Relationship Management) – Organizations that get closer to their customers.

·         Collaboration – Organizations who internally and externally collaborate day to day with all parties to increase their overall performance.

·         Big Data – The ability to analyze data in real time that will result in increased profitability.

Explore!  Be a trailblazer!


  1. First class post, Jim! A good summary of the key elements of SM today. What is the FARE conference? I'm not familiar.

  2. I agree with Thomas' comment. Great advice. And I am not familiar with FARE either.

  3. Your right Jim! If you not the lead dog the view never changes.