Thursday, May 8, 2014


“As the world gets faster and faster, it’s important to be good at understanding what your priorities are and how to spend your time, and editing out things that are noise.  You have to stay really focused.”  - Michelle Peluso (CEO of Gilt)

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Last year I began to advocate the need for corporations to embrace the concept of social enterprise.  In a post titled Social Enterprise Smarts =Profitability Plu$, I outlined the four pillars required for the foundation of a social enterprise.  The first pillar was as follows:

“Grow an organization of knowledge workers.  Employees who exhibit “social smarts” thanks to their ability to embrace social technologies that improve their overall communication and collaborative skills.  Consequently knowledge workers will be better informed.  This first step requires training and resources!”

I purposely highlighted the phrase above: knowledge workers will be better informed.  I am still continuing the process of educating myself how to become a knowledge worker/leader thanks to being retained to aggregate information on behalf of several clients.  At first I found it very time consuming, but I have learned how to skillfully navigate the Internet.  I have developed a daily routine comparable to going to a gym; I have learned how to spend my time efficiently.  Or as Michelle Peluso stated in my Blink, “editing out things that are noise – you have to stay really focused.”

Are you filtering out all the noise? 


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  2. Bingo. Be focused. Use the right tools. Teach yourself to skim. Be happy.