Monday, April 28, 2014


Thanks to a Harvard Business Review tweet I recently read about leadership, I learned Gallup’s State of the American Workplace indicated that currently only 30 percent of the U.S. workforce is engaged.  Could this mean the remaining 70 percent are zombies?

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Here is what Gallup revealed about the remaining 70 percent:

·         50 percent of employees simply put in their time (a.k.a. just show up and collect a paycheck).

·         20 percent act out their discontent in counterproductive ways.

According to Gallup, poor leadership is the root of the problem.  Consequently organizations are under performing due to the low employee engagement, thus negatively impacting our economy.  Gallup estimates that the malcontents, disgruntled employees, costs our economy an estimated half a trillion dollars a year.  It sounds like management needs to sharpen their leadership skills.

Do you know any zombies?


  1. Hi Jim,

    Love your use of zombies to illustrate this idea as that's the imagery I used in a recent talk I gave to discuss this issues of how do we re-ignite the fire within our employees to become more engaged contributors to our shared purpose.

    Fact is numerous studies have shown that employees don't quit organizations, they quit bad bosses. And more often that not, that manifests itself not by people walking out the door, but by checking their brains at the door.

  2. Low employee engagement is primarily a function of poor management and lack of leadership. Companies have no one to blame but themselves for lack of productivity in the workplace.