Thursday, April 10, 2014

Walk On Buy

Did you know that 84 percent of smartphone-toting consumers actively use their devices when shopping (source: Google Shopper Marketing Agency Council)?  Marketing alert: Thanks to enhanced technology, impulse purchasing is about to enter a new era of hyperlocal marketing.  Walk on buy!

Read On:
A new wave of technology known as “mobile presence technologies” is rapidly emerging.  You are already aware of some of their names – NFC, Bluetooth Smart, Beacons, etc.  You probably have read about geo-fencing, the term given to the radius around a given location where your smartphone which is equipped with LBS (location based service) receives a generated notification.  English, English!  How does it work?  One example would be an individual with Bluetooth embedded in their smartphone will receive a signal/communication when they are within range of a beacon (a piece of hardware) while shopping.  As they approach the snack aisle, they will receive a coupon good for a salty snack to pair with the two liters of soda they just placed in their shopping cart. 

Retailers are salivating over the potential of “mobile presence technologies” to further lure their customers.  They will be able to analyze in real time consumer buying behavior and build stronger connections.  Consequently they will be able to implement hyperlocal marketing tactics that steer consumers to new products, sale items or provide relevant information (e.g., product, store layout, etc.) that will enhance their overall in-store experience.  In addition, these technologies will also facilitate mobile payments at special terminals throughout the store so shoppers can skip lines at checkout registers.  Long-term, Retailers will generate increased loyalty since they will meet the needs of their customers by making shopping more convenient and efficient. 

Are you ready to become a walk on buy consumer?


  1. This is a very dynamic bi-polar issue... on one hand, you have those who like and appreciate receiving these geo-relevant messages and on the other, you have those of us who find it a bit creepy that "others" know where we are at all times. I have my location services turned off on most apps at all times.

  2. I agree. In concept, I like the new technologies, but would NOT want to be bombarded with notifications as I walk thru a mall. I assume over time there will be ways to selectively opt out of all but your favorite retailers, which will change the marketing dynamic. We shall see...

  3. Brilliant! Love location based notifications in theory, the practice needs work. For a time I had a grocery app that would recommend recipes and allow the user to sort by recipes that had components that were on sale at their primary stores. It would also notify me as to the number of items on sale at say HyVee as I drove by. Ultimately it became notification overload, I'm not shopping every time I pass the local supermarket.