Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Latest Scoop on Poop

Poop goes DNA.

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Last August I first posted about the growing global problem of dog waste eradication.  I detailed how the mayor of a suburb in Madrid, Spain developed an innovative solution to get dog owners to responsibly clean up after their pets.  Now the Vice Mayor in Naples, Italy has developed an innovative solution that employs both science and technology.  Each dog will be given a blood test for DNA which will be kept on file in a data base.  When a pile of poop is spotted, it will be scraped up for DNA testing and then cross referenced with the data base.  If a match is made, owners will be fined as much as 500 euros (approximately $685). 

The program which is still in its infancy has its fair share of critics because the city of Naples is riddled in debt ($2 billion).  Some officials/residents believe the money should be spent on the city’s infrastructure versus the costs associated with police and health workers dog waste patrols.  The other major hurdle for Naples is the city’s canine population is estimated at 80,000 dogs. 

Are you and your dog law abiding citizens?


  1. We are law abiding citizens with our dogs! I can't stand it when others don't clean up after their dogs or let their dogs run loose to poop where they please. It's a horrible feeling to step in a squishy pile of poop!

  2. First: Really? Don't they have more pressing issues out there? :)
    Second: My dog is 125lbs. If I can clean up after him, everyone else should too.

  3. Product tracing in the food system is often talked about as grass to ass. Poop is the last link in the chain of custody. For more on food traceability, check out IFT's new Global Food Traceability Center at

  4. I agree with Jackie. There MUST be more important issues than dog poop DNA to spend their budget on. Take another tack: install poop-bag dispensers throughout the neighborhoods, and have enough trash receptacles to make it convenient to pick up after your pet. And use clever PR and ads to promote good pet hygiene. DNA is just silly.

  5. Will -- you made me laugh -- grass to ass. I agree that DNA testing is going a bit too far, but I think poopetrators do need to be fined or otherwise punished when they don't clean up after their dog.

    Maybe Naples could fund their DNA testing by developing some sort of wildly popular TV show around it? C-Ass-I or Law & Odor. Sorry, I couldn't resist.

  6. I don't know if this blog post is going to the dogs or down the toilet, but it has kicked off my day with laugh! Thanks!