Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Marketing can be very complex!  Especially when it relates to developing a company’s/brand’s logo.  Shapes (e.g., oval, squares, etc.), colors (e.g., red, blue, etc.) are all scrutinized by marketers to determine a logo that will resonate with their customers to create an emotional reaction.  Sometimes logo design can be simple.  

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Think about some of the great logos that resonate most for you that have been developed in the last twenty to thirty years – Apple, Starbucks, Nike, etc., to name a few.  How about one of the most popular logos in the history of marketing, Coca Cola?  Every time I sit in Washington Square Park and spot someone cradling a huge cup of Coke with their familiar logo, I think of how brilliant they have been.  Each cup is sublimely making an emotional connection with their consumers. 

Another brand logo that amazes me when I am out and about in Philadelphia is the Macy’s shopping bag with their familiar red star.  Every time I see one I am instantly reminded that I am sitting on several of their coupons enticing me to reduce their store’s inventory.  The red star dates back to the days Macy’s founder Rowland Hussey Macy at the age of fifteen worked on the Emily Morgan, a whaling ship.  He had a red star tattooed on his hand that eventually became the store’s logo when he opened the original Macy’s in 1851 in Massachusetts.  The recognizable red star is a classic example how logo design can also be simple.

Does your company’s/brand’s logo emotionally trigger a customer response?


  1. "Logo." Seems so simple. That word comes from "logos" which can mean 'the word of God that brings order to the universe.' No wonder logos are SO important! What is the meaning that is carried by YOUR logo? In the case of Macy's, the red star itself is only a graphic. But what that simple graphic carries in terms of emotional content why it is powerful. From 1851 to today, that red star has acquired more and more significance.

    And isn't it curious that a red star is also the symbol for communism, which once upon a time was the sworn enemy of capitalist enterprises such as the materialist Macy's!

  2. Macy's = Communism. Things that make you go hmmm...