Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Geek or Chic?

Has this become a familiar sight?  People walking down the street holding their smartphone in one hand waiting for their next nanosecond of connectivity?  Fashion Alert: Wearable technology is gearing up to filter into our daily lives.  Are you ready to make your wearable technology fashion statement? 

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The wearable technology item that is getting the most buzz is Google Glass, a wearable computer with OHMD.  Now doesn’t OHMD which stands for optical head-mounted display sound geeky?  Google Glass enables the user to view and communicate information via the Internet like a smartphone, hands free.  It was released last year to a few thousand Glass Advocates better known as “Explorers” for testing, before it will be launched to the general public.

For physical fitness enthusiasts, a startup company out of Canada (Athos) will be introducing this summer form-fitting long-sleeve shirts and workout pants complete with EMG sensors to track muscle activity.  A workout will monitor up to 22 muscle groups on a wearable module that will then crunch the data and send it wirelessly to a special smartphone app.  Or better yet, to the app on your designer smartwatch!  Other companies are now marketing sports bras and socks complete with sensors.  Some people might choose to bypass buying sensor imbedded gym wear and invest in an activity tracker to wear on their wrists which will monitor their heart rate throughout the day with app-based checkups.

I am aware most people are struggling to achieve work-life balance in our 24/7 technology laden world.  Especially those with young children!  Now you can outfit your children with interactive pajamas.  Chose a story on their pj’s, then scan the code on your smartphone and share a bed time story. 

Fashion is going digital!   

Are you geek or chic?


  1. Techno-Bras & Socks? Personal care and pampering cross-industry applications might open a whole new market for items like these. Just sayin'

  2. My only piece of wearable technology (outside of the phone I'm surgically grafted to my hand this summer) is a pedometer by Withings called the Pulse. It integrates wirelessly with my cell via bluetooth automatically and their app syncs with their wireless scale, myfitnesspal, and a host of other fitness apps. Also tracks your sleep, can read your pulse and is extremely tiny for what it does. I fall into the category of users that enjoy the novelty of the latest and greatest but prefer not to outwardly advertise that preference.

    In the 3 months I've been tracking my life I've learned 3 things, 1) I don't get enough sleep, 2) I don't get enough exercise and 3) pizza is not suitable nutritional substitute for salad.

    In all seriousness though, I like the wave of wearable technology upon us, if only to show us what we already know. Taking care of yourself is hard work and changin your ways is more akin to a turning an ocean liner than flipping a light switch.

    Thanks Jimmy