Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Conductor – An Update

Recently I went to listen to the Philadelphia Orchestra.  The scheduled guest conductor had canceled due to a personal family emergency.  The Philadelphia Orchestra’s Associate Conductor Cristian Măcelaru masterly filled in.  As I sat there, he validated to me that all great movements, musical or social need a strong conductor.

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I first introduced the concept of a social media conductor back in March 2011At the time, I indicated that companies were weighing the pros and cons of gearing up to implement a social media movement.  Regardless of what resources they were planning, internal or external, I advocated that all successful social media movements would need a conductor.  I went on to identify what I believed were five character traits of a strong conductor.  At the risk of being repetitive, below are the sound bytes; click here if you would like to read in detail:

·         Strategic Thinker
·         Leadership
·         Analytical
·         Intellectual Curiosity
·         Improvises

Over the years, I have had the good fortune to be retained by several companies to be their social media conductor.  Consequently I have been able to validate and understand the role of a conductor.  It has not been easy given that the collaborative world of Web 2.0 keeps evolving.  However, Cristian’s performance confirmed to me the value of patience and fortitude.  As the Philadelphia Orchestra’s Associate Conductor, I realize that he works with the orchestra every day preparing them for all their concerts either with special guest conductors or their current musical director Yannick Nézet –Séguin.  He has to familiarize himself with a large body of work and then, at a moment’s notice, be prepared to step center stage.

Do you have a social media conductor?

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  1. Hi Jim,

    Nice allegory between the conductor and managing the various social media outlets. Although most of the platforms have now entered their maturation phase, it's still vital that organizations remain adaptive and flexible in how they use them to engage with their customers.