Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Market research firm NPD earlier this year reported that carried-from-home breakfasts are on the rise.  Last year a Technomic survey found that breakfast sandwiches on chain restaurant menus increased 8.1 percent; one-third of consumers eat a breakfast sandwich at least once a week.  Breakfast is on the move! 

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We all know that breakfast is our first meal after rising from a night’s sleep, often eaten in the morning.  A quick Google search yielded that the word breakfast first came into play in the written English language back in the 15th century.  It described a morning meal, which literally meant to break the fasting period of the prior night.  Because of our 24/7 lifestyles, sometimes breakfast is now being eaten at different times of the day, especially by Vampires.

Opposed to a sit down breakfast usually consisting of fruit juice, cereals (hot or cold), eggs, toast, etc., carried-from-home breakfasts typically include grab-and-go items like fruit, coffee, snack bars and yogurt.  NPD revealed there were 3.3 billion carried-from-home breakfast meals in 2013, an eating behavior that shows signs of our increasing hunger for portable meals.  In the above blink, I referenced breakfast sandwiches menued by chain restaurants; however, I also researched hand-held item sales from C-stores for this post.  Nutritional bars units sales in 2013 increased 13.8%, while frozen breakfast handheld products unit sales increased 2.0% over the prior year (source: IRI).

Convenience is definitely the driving factor that is changing the breakfast daypart as Americans are racing off to work, thus eating more portable breakfasts on the fly!  Maybe it is time we rearrange the word order for our first meal after rising from a night’s sleep.

What did you have for Fastbreak?


  1. Good Morning Jim: I Scored this Morning on My Fastbreak with "A Dunk" jn Donut and a Winning Cup of Java.

  2. Curious what place oatmeal comes in for Technomic since it's found everywhere from DD to Panera to being prepared at home. Love oatmeal with brown sugar and craisins!

  3. Your stats seem to be in conflict: NPD "carry from home" up as are bkfst sandwiches from chains." No matter. I just think we're getting better at tracking granular data. Pressure to get out the door is exacerbated by the combination of increasing traffic delays as well as demanding jobs. As we focus more on health, life and meal choices will come more into balance. That's my theory, anyway.

  4. Interesting range of comments. Jeff: Oatmeal is now portable. Tom: Maybe balance in the form of drinkables.