Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lessons from Down Under

For the past two years I have written posts about the Australian Open: Unforced Errors and Unforced Errors – One Year Later.  Once again I enjoyed watching another great Australian Open.  Congratulations winners Li Na and Stan Wawrinka!  Detailed below are this year’s Lessons from Down Under.

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·         Hybrid Smarts!  The benefit of blending new methodology with the wisdom of classic experience.  Due to improved technology as it relates to equipment and extensive training regimes, tennis has evolved into a power game.  Stamina/endurance key!  However, this year in their quest to achieve the slightest edge, several of the men’s top stars hired tennis legends from the 80’s to be their coaches, players that had already been to the top of men’s tennis.  Imagine today’s tennis stars, all of whom are Millennials learning from the wisdom of players ranging in ages from 41 to 68.  A great lesson for some of today’s startup businesses or the new wave of digital marketers.  Learn from business veterans who have been to the top.  Acquire hybrid smarts!

·         Patience & Fortitude Builds Perseverance.  Seven months after contemplating retirement, having been one point away from elimination in the third round, Li Na on her third attempt (third time lucky), went on to finally win an Australian Open.  On the men’s side, the other Swiss (Stan Wawrinka) at age twenty-eight, waited eighteen months to find/hire the right coach, worked hard over the last nine months, went on to defeat the number one player in the world, Rafael Nadal to whom he had previously lost all twelve matches they played.  Both winners validated that if you believe in yourself, patience and fortitude builds perseverance. 
·         Winners Have Game Plans!  It is clear that the great players due to scouting their opponents in advance have a well thought out game plan.  Consequently, they know throughout the match what to technically execute in order to win.  On the journey to winning, great players make a few minor tweaks, but overall they believe in their plan.  The same can be said for champion marketing movements – well thought out strategies/tactics, a few tweaks along the journey, but bottom-line winning/great marketers believe in their plan.

What is your game plan?


  1. Great observations from a parallel universe!

  2. What I love about this observation is that a) it is obvious, b) it's transparent, and c) all but unknown. Put these on the list of "things they don't teach in business school - but should!"