Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Burberry Gets Botox

I have long been an advocate of hybrid marketing – balancing traditional marketing strategies with the new collaborative world of Web 2.0.  One brand that has excelled in hybrid marketing is Burberry.  Their utilization of digital marketing has been comparable to the 158 year old iconic fashion brand receiving botox injections.

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Back in 2011 Burberry was named Luxury Marketer of the Year due to their masterful marketing movement that blended traditional marketing (print, direct mail, runway shows) with digital marketing (customized ecommerce, mobile, social media).  This past December, for the third year in a row, they retained the top spot in a digital index created by L2 Think Tank which examines the digital adeptness of 85 fashion brands.  The index was created by L2’s founder Scott Galloway, a marketing professor at NYU.  His company evaluates several criteria; website navigation, digital marketing, mobile marketing and social media.  

Three innovative digital marketing strategies that Burberry implemented last year were as follows:

·         A rotating banner ad on Vanity Fair’s mobile-optimized site that featured their fall/winter collection when consumers clicked through the ad.

·         A tool called “Customer 1-2-1” that enabled store associates to access customer data in real time, connect and deliver customized content.

·         They introduced an animated catwalk that was delivered digitally to augment their live runway shows.

Could your brand use a shot of botox?


  1. I am all for hybrid marketing, but I think that digital marketing misses out when the ads don't establish the proper context. For example, shouldn't an ad for Burberry be fed to your smartphone when you walk into Nordstrom's or Neiman? Or how about an ad for their raincoats or umbrella's (classics!) when the forecast is for rain? Now THAT would be context that might engage, resonate, engage, and prompt a purchase.

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