Thursday, December 12, 2013

Do You Have 60 Billion Nanoseconds?

Nanoseconds have evolved into the new measurement of time.  There are 60 billion nanoseconds to a minute, hence the title.  Do you have a minute?

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What is the definition of a nanosecond?  The fraction of time that elapses between when a traffic signal changes to green and the car behind you blasts its horn! 

Why the rush?  True we are all juggling a lot as it relates to balancing our work and personal lives.  However, we still need to take time out to eat food.  Yet it appears that people are beginning to spend less time enjoying their food since the physical time preparing and consuming food takes too many nanoseconds.  Consequently we are evolving into a “grab & go” society.  Let’s examine some of the facts:

·         Information Resources Inc. (IRI) released the findings of its latest consumer study.  They indicated that 79 percent of Americans eat three square meals or several mini meals throughout the day.  21 percent or 66 million Americans tend to grab their food or drink as the opportunity arises throughout the day.  IRI labels these consumers as “Opportunists.”

·         The research firm The Hartman Group reported this past year that consumers are eating 2.35 snacks per day.  They also revealed that the percentage of snacking occasions increased to 52 percent in 2012 from 48 percent in 2010.  The NPD Group released via their National Eating Trends (year ending February) that there has been an increase of 22 morning snacks per person since 2002.

·         The NPD Group reports that the percentage of drive thru customers vary by fast food restaurants; 57 percent for hamburger, 40 percent for Mexican and 38 percent for chicken.  According to the 2013 Drive-Thru Study conducted by QSR Magazine and Insula Research, the average drive thru time for Fast Food restaurants is 180.83 seconds, unfortunately a decline of 8 seconds (8 billion nanoseconds) versus 2012.

Is food becoming like fuel or what I once tagged “Portafuel?”


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  1. Great Article! Now we can add the term Nanosecond Nourishing to our lexicon. I am thinking that 8 less seconds in the drive thru can be extrapolated into millions if not billions of dollars a year for quick service restaurants. One has to wonder if there functions are adapting to lifestyle preferences or creating them.

    Thanks for allowing me to comment, looking forward to your next post.

    Best Regards,