Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Crazy Busy

Everybody’s 2013 mantra has been “I’m crazy busy!”  Is everyone really “so, so crazy busy?”  Suggestion: As the year comes to a close, this is the time to re-examine your focus.

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Forgo unnecessary commitments/activities (a.k.a. over scheduling).
Congressing: Avoid being unproductive despite having a lot to do (source: Urban Dictionary).
Savor your private time.

Time to change your mantra!


  1. "Congressing"... hmmm... isn't that a lot like tornadic or cyclonic activity? A whole lot of wind that causes life in its path to spiral out of control wreaking havoc and destruction? Sounds like Congress to me! Great post!

  2. Completely agree. It seems like "so busy", or "crazy busy", have become the canned response to the question, "how are you doing?". Two comments on this; 1. My perception is that "busy" is a relative term, if everyone is busy, is anyone really? And 2. Being busy sounds like a good thing and I'm not saying it isnt but one could argue that working smart, for less time, could be more effective; AND it has the added benefit that people wont have to listen to how busy you are all the time.

    I'm as guilty of this as anyone, adding to the ever growing list of new years resolutions.

    Thanks Jimmy.

  3. Hi Jimmy,
    We must be on the same track at the moment. The following was the start of my insight on an article I posted to my Business Improvement topic at a few days ago;

    "Focus, focus, focus is a great mantra for business owners to follow, especially those who aspire to achieve great things, at least relative to the achievements of their competitors.

    Lack of focus, is often cited as a key element responsible for the failure of many a business strategy, and business owners wanting to achieve their strategic goals need to learn how to maintain focus."

    Wishing you a very happy UNPLUG Season and a healthy and prosperous 2014.



  4. Determined not to jump right in to 'crazy busy' after family appreciation period - so there. Thanks for the wake up, Jimmy!