Friday, November 8, 2013

Public Space

Recently I sat in on a heated meeting.  I learned: “IT is f**king clueless!  First they tell us they are moving forward and now they are telling us the project is on hold until we give them additional funding.  Tomorrow I will give Roger a piece of my mind!”

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Ironically I was sitting in the terminal of US Airways during the meeting which was being conducted by the individual next to me in his iPhone bubble.  It is a given we live in a world dominated by smartphones and tablets.  However, I am amazed how oblivious people are about sharing TMI in extremely communal places (e.g., Starbucks, buses and trains, standing on line at movie theaters, etc.). 
Psychologists have all sorts of explanations for this new behavioral pattern.  One that I find amusing is coined “defensible space” – an area of public territory which individuals turn into personal space to gain some measurable cognitive control.  What?   
Now may I continue my story.  I boarded my plane which was packed.  The good news was the middle seat next to me was empty.  The bad news was the individual by the window lost in the tunes he was listening to on his Bose headphones decided to ball up in a fetal position and take a nap.  He had removed his flip flops.  Bare feet in my face!   

Do you respect your public space?


  1. Brilliant! It's so true. More and more we are becoming People Without Borders... or filters, discretion or common courtesy.

  2. You're a curmudgeon. Deal with it.

  3. Interesting comments. Thank you!