Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fusion Holiday

Did you know November 28th will be a significant double holiday this year?  Thanksgiving and the first day of Hanukkah – “Thanksgivukkah.”  It happened once before in 1888 according to those that track the Jewish calendar.  Are you prepared to light your Menurkey and do some gifting? 

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What is a Menurkey?  It is a menorah, the candelabrum that is the centerpiece of Hanukkah in the shape of a turkey.  It is the creation of a 9-year old New Yorker named Asher Weintraub.  He raised close to $50 thousand for his project via Kickstarter, the fund raising website.  Asher plans to sell both a ceramic ($150) and plaster ($50) version of the Menurkey, plus with the help of his parents, he is developing an iPhone app for a Menurkey theme song.  Smart kidpreneur!

Looking for a great gift?  Hanukkah gelt is the standard traditional gift.  Want to ruffle some feathers?  How about the most popular premium gift this past year during South Korea’s thanksgiving holiday known as Chuseok – a Spam gift pack consisting of Andalucia olive oil and nine tins of Spam (e.g., Classic, Mild, Garlic, etc.) packed in a Black Label box complete with a ribbon.  Only $75!  Chances are recipients will regift your present December 19th, National Regifting Day.

How do you plan to celebrate “Thanksgivukkah” this year?

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