Wednesday, November 27, 2013


The other day I was sitting in Washington Square Park when I noticed the squirrels were hustling to garner their acorns.  Funny, three weeks ago they were busy chasing each other engaged in x-rated foreplay.  Made me realize I was witnessing a lesson from Mother Nature.

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What was the lesson?  Continuity!  

Mother Nature, uninterrupted has definitive cycles, continuity.  Apparently three weeks ago was mating season.  That window has closed and now it is time for squirrels to prepare for their nesting and winter.  Over the winter the next generation will be incubating for spring arrival.  A definitive cycle even though I still believe I have yet to spot a baby squirrel.

Why can’t we learn from Mother Nature and have more continuity in business?  A company has an off year, the first thing they do is reorganize versus accepting they had a bad year or maybe just outright over forecasted.  I am a marketing geek.  I have lost count of how many times I have witnessed new brand managers come in wanting to put their stamp on a business, thus change marketing direction, continuity.  Friendship in the age of social networking has impacted continuity.  It has become too easy to hit the delete button.  Family should represent continuity. Yet we are now witnessing divorce rates that are higher than marriage rates, which is a sign of lack of continuity since divorce leads to family disruption.  According to a recent American Community Survey, divorce rates per thousand people are slightly over 3.5; marriage rates slightly under 3.5.  Unfortunately, the continuity of this trend will denote 75% of households in America will be childless by 2030 compared to 68% in 2012 (source: Mortgage Bankers Association of America).  A derivative of these statistics, the percentage of one-person households as a share of total U.S. households is expected to rise to 29 percent by 2050 compared to 13 percent in the 1960s. 

What continuity do you still experience in life?  Happy Thanksgivukkah!

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  1. As one who has worked under different administrations and was myself replaced I certainly agree about the discontinuity leadership and it's disruption to a system. As a family therapist I have a less dim view if divorce. The data suggests that often people remarry a d make a Better choice rejecting a specific partner , not the institution. The Science Times 11/26/13 has a lovely piece on diversity of families now who embrace and express intergenerational caring in creative ways.