Thursday, October 3, 2013

Pamper Your Guests

In my last post, I addressed how luxury hotels are providing special services for their guests’ four legged companions.  Pampering guests now appears to be an expanded luxury hotel marketing ploy.

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Check into a luxury suite at one of the Melbourne Hotel Group’s properties in London (Claridge’s, Connaught and Berkeley) starting at a mere £1,440 a night (about $2,300) and you will find more than a bathrobe hanging in your closet.  In a city known for its rain, Burberry just made a deal (a.k.a. partnership marketing) with Melbourne to stock each suite with their designer trench coats sized accordingly (male and female styles) for their guests throughout their stay.  For the record the coats, along with a signature umbrella are complimentary, but also available for purchase at checkout; approximately $1,500 depending on the exchange rate.

Oh yes, don’t forget, toiletries are still free!

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  1. I wonder how retailers could add to the experience by thinking this way.