Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Global Currency


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Sunday, Chancellor Angela Merkel decisively won her third four-year term.   Under her leadership, Germany has become an economic powerhouse thanks to her policies despite the current euro crisis in the European Union which drags on.  Being a follower of geopolitics, I am also aware other currencies around the world are beginning to experience hard times.  India’s rupee is depreciating rapidly since they are experiencing a deficit.  India is importing more goods and services than they are exporting.  Indonesia’s rupiah is at risk.  Add the Brazilian real to the list.   

What currency is stable?  Food!  Unfortunately there are still too many pockets around the globe that experience food security issues, but when we do have food, we love to share.  We might not share our euros, rupees, etc., but if we have food, we are willing to share with our family, friends and neighbors making it our global currency despite the ebb and flow of our financial markets.

What is your favorite global currency?

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  1. History never has a good ending to the fiat currency story. Since creation of the Fed the dollar has lost 97% of its value. We're about to add another sad chapter to the fiat currency storybook. - CM