Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Just Like Apple

They’re back!  Twinkies from the newly formed Hostess Brands LLC hit supermarket shelves yesterday in great aniticipation thanks to their advanced marketing movement titled “The Sweetest Comeback in the History of Ever.”  Brilliant!  As a marketing geek, I recognized they created pre-launch buzz just like Apple! 

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Hostess Brands LLC began revving up their marketing machine back in June with a website that featured a countdown clock and a Facebook page that was updated every day.  As of this morning they had over 452k likes.  Consequently, back in June, people began tweeting about Twinkies hitting supermarket shelves 7/15.  In addition to generating online buzz, the newly formed company based in Kansas City implemented some classic marketing touch points for both Twinkies and their other snack cakes – a giant billboard in Time Square, a giant picture of a chocolate cupcake on the side of the Hotel Figueroa in Los Angeles.  In addition, they handed out T-Shirts (“Prepare Your Cake Face”) and buttons in NYC, Chicago and Los Angeles.  In return they are encouraging consumers to post their Vine and Instagram videos on PrepareYourCake.com.  They even launched a Twinkie food truck that will leave Times Square later today and travel cross country passing out samples.

Hybrid marketing (the utilization of the collaborative tools of Web 2.0 blended with classic marketing) at its very best.  Pre-launch buzz just like Apple!

Time to check out #Twinkies and follow the buzz.   


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