Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Good Vibrations – Caffeine USA

Alert Energy Caffeine Gum, Extreme Sports Beans, E6 Energy Strips, etc., etc., etc.  Caffeine, caffeine, caffeine everywhere!  

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I first addressed America’s wired craving for caffeine back in 2009.  The National Coffee Association’s 2013 Survey indicated that 83 percent of adults drink coffee, up from 78 percent a year earlier.  My post back in 2009 reported 54 percent!  On any given day, half of the American population drinks tea according to the Tea Association of the USA – they reported the 2011 annual consumption was well over 65 billion servings.  Packaged Foods reported that energy drinks (including energy shots) hit $12.5 million in sales (2012) and will continue to be the fastest growing beverage category; sales are projected to reach $21.5 billion in five years.  When I Googled the monthly per capita consumption of “Liquid Candy,” better known as carbonated soft drinks, another source of caffeine, it came up too much!  Note: A 12 oz. can of Coke has 34 milligrams of caffeine.

Targeting adolescents, food companies are now banking on snacks, including gum, like some of the products I outlined in the above blink.  As a result, the FDA is on alert, concerned given the number of illnesses and deaths they are currently investigating associated with energy drinks.  They first approved the added use of caffeine back in the 50’s for food and drink.  Imagine how wired someone can now get on caffeine if they consume a can of Red Bull (80mg), Extreme Sports Beans (50mg) and then chew on a piece of Alert gum (40mg); more wired than someone who chugs a two-ounce bottle/shot of E6 Energy (150mg).

Join the buzz.  Good Vibrations – Caffeine USA!

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