Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Conviction (Thomas Edison inventor), Creativity (Bob Fosbury high jumper), Courage (Laird Hamilton surfer) = Game Changers!

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The above tag line is the spine of Mazda’s new advertising campaign which I first viewed this past weekend when I went to the movies.  It made me think about some of the really great game changers out there that have exhibited C³: Conviction, Creativity and Courage.  Three game changers that fly below the radar screen of the high-techies that steal all the ink are as follows:

Matt Flannery and Jessica Jackley   Inspired by a microfinance lecture they attended at Stanford Business School, founded Kiva back in 2005, a non-profit organization that leverages the internet to assist aspiring entrepreneurs in developing countries worldwide.  Kiva works through microfinance institutions, social businesses, schools and non-profit organizations known as “Field Partners.”  Currently there are 191 “Field Partners” who post profiles of qualified entrepreneurs on Kiva’s website; lenders browse and contribute via PayPal.  As of March this year they have raised over $400 billion from close to 900 thousand lenders for a total of approximately 533 thousand loans.  Game Changers!

Blake Mycoskie   Back in 2006, this Texas entrepreneur founded the California for-profit shoe and eyewear company TOMS that operators a non-profit subsidiary Friends of Toms.  Every time Toms sells a pair of shoes, a pair of shoes is given to an impoverished child.  Every time Toms sells their eyewear, part of the proceeds goes to developing countries to help people that have issues with their eyesight.  A Game Charger!   

Conviction, Creativity, Courage = Game Changer!  Are you ready to become a Game Changer?


  1. Great question. The first two that pop to mind are Stonyfield Farm (Gary's story is aboutcourage) and Clif Bar. I have to give this some thought.