Thursday, April 18, 2013

MTP Revisited

IMC (Integrated Marketing Communication) the new buzz phrase for what classical marketers called marketing mix, is the utilization of marketing communications across all mediums that reinforces a brand’s core message.  Bottomline: Marketers have to pinpoint their brand’s MTP (Multiple Touch Points)!
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I first addressed MTP back in October 2012.  The spine of my post was how today’s hybrid marketers embrace a blend of classic marketing combined with the collaborative, interactive tools of Web 2.0.  Consequently they make use of all the available marketing tools in their tool kit to reach their target audience.  I referenced Heineken USA as a prime example.  This morning I would like to share two more examples of marketing leaders who understand the value of MTP (Multiple Touch Points): 
  • Starbucks announced that they are partnering with their Wi-Fi provider Boingo Wireless to be their exclusive Wi-Fi advertising and sponsorship partner (7,000 plus locations in the U.S. and Canada).  Static banner ads will be shown to their guests as they sign in, plus Boingo will be offering additional ad units for other brands.  Starbucks Wi-Fi is an excellent MTP to reach your consumers given they experience approximately 5 million visitations per day.
  • Unilever announced that they are questioning the value of social media and will be shifting their marketing dollars for select brands (e.g., health and beauty care) back to in-store promotions.  They believe that social media is a more in-direct approach, while in-store promotions are closer to the actual point of purchase.  In addition, they have evaluated that boosting their in-store presence makes some brands more visible to the light and non-buyers. 
Do you know your customers’ MTP (Multiple Touch Points)?  More importantly, are you targeting them?


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  1. I am confused by your example, Jim. Starbucks exclusive supplier of wifi at there stores is AT&T. Mobile ads are a touchy issue, as they often (by design) need to take over the screen. There could be some blow-back to Starbucks if this is mis-used. Regarding MTP, of course each product has its optimum marketing mix. That is the secret sauce in any solution.