Tuesday, March 12, 2013


O.O. = Out of the office email response.

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Next week I will be presenting Mining for Mobile Gold at a conference.  The spine of my presentation details how we now live in a “Mobile First World.”  Consequently, people are surgically attached to their mobile phones.  Quick survey: How many people reading this post, sleep with or within instant proximity of their mobile devices?    

My query this morning: Why do I still receive instantly returned emails that read – I am currently out of the office.  I will have limited access to email and voicemail, but I will reply to all my emails upon my return.  If you need immediate assistance, please call my assistant at xxx-xxx-xxxx. 

Are O.O. messages evasive?  Maybe a more appropriate message should read – I am away from my mobile phone right now.   Please excuse my delay in responding.  


  1. I think your O.O. message is probably more accurate! :) I check the email on my phone all the time. Who knows one day they may try to implant a phone to the human body because everyone now is "surgically attached" (as you mention) to them now . . .

  2. 1. We ar no longer EVER separated from our phones. The old message is a fantasy. 2. However, we DO get busy when traveling, so your message is a bit more accurate. #. It boils down to "I will call you if you are important enough to me, otherwise, when I return (or not at all)".

  3. I see no point in the response..., like all email, either it's worthy of reading and responding, or it's ignored. Why the message? It won't likely change the outcome. I don't mean to sound cold, but email is responded to less and less as it is replaced/augmented by other communication channels. The next gen, defined by my kids rarely use Email at all.