Thursday, March 28, 2013

Millennial Moms

Last summer I posted about the number one U.S. demographic group, Millennials.  I referenced a Boston Consulting Group study that divided Millennials (ages 16 to 34) into six defining brackets.  Today, based on some new learning, I would like to focus in on Millennial Moms.

Read On:
According to the BCG, Millennial Moms represent approximately 22% of the estimated 80 million Millennials in the U.S.  Some defining characteristics of this bracket are as follows:

         ·      Economically secure, confident, health oriented.
         ·     Tech savvy, socially active online, constantly seeking information.  
         ·   They value multiple options/customization of products or services; they tend to be brand agnostic.   

Marketing Implications:

      1.    Millennial Moms are extremely savvy shoppers and will search for value.  Providing product or service solutions as part of your company’s value proposition is key!

      2.    Millennial Moms are strongly connected thanks to the different social media platforms in which they engage.  They are constantly seeking advice.  Companies targeting this bracket need to invest in the resources needed to listen and identify Millennial Mom ambassadors.

      3.    Thanks to their familial responsibilities, they are interested in parenting tips, health-related issues, safety, etc.  Marketers need to consistently deliver relevant, educational content.

Are you prepared to explore targeting Millennial Moms


  1. For food companies, MM's are about nutrition, sustainability, and wellness. Focus there and you will win.

  2. As always, you output is great input. Thanks...Don Fosher